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    Pay what you owe, not a penny more.
    Our business is all about helping taxpayers save money
    by complying with state tax rules timely.

    Most businesses fail to comply with state sales and use tax rules because staff does not understand
    the taxability of services bought or provided and do not secure and retain the right documentation.
    Avoid paying penalty and interest because a state taxing authority found errors during an audit.

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    Avoid unexpected tax expenses.
    Avoid falling profit margins, angry customers, and
    expensive audits and litigation through a thorough
    understanding of state sales/use tax.

    Sales and use tax rules for construction professionals are multi-faceted and can be confusing.
    Each state taxes construction differently. Make sure you understand your tax responsibilities
    when drafting contracts with general contractors and subcontractors. How the transaction
    is documented can directly affect how much the project costs.

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    Identify potentially material sales and use tax
    Increase client retention by becoming a professional
    who can identify issues that are important to your clients
    and refer them to people who can help them.

    Maximize your career by being a valuable resource to your clients. It is not necessary that you
    be an expert in SALT. Increase client satisfaction by helping clients save money by
    identifying potentially material issues at a glance.

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    Help clients save money and enhance your
    relationship during significant business events.
    Clients look to attorneys to manage risk and ultimately help
    them save money by addressing legal issues.

    Enhance your role as a trusted advisor by asking key questions during the beginning of material
    transactions. Make sure your client doesn’t ever ask, “Why didn’t you tell me that?”


We save clients money by providing the following services. Each service is very distinct.

Audit Representation

Auditors have broad authority to review documents. It takes time to address their questions, supply required documents, and ensure the auditor appropriately applies tax rules and employs correct audit methodology. It is a collaborative process between the taxpayer and consultant to accurately convey business practices and make sure audit results correctly reflect company compliance.

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Tax Credit Retrieval

Some taxpayers pay too much tax on some transactions. When overpayments occur, it is imperative that taxpayers apply for refunds before the claim is barred. Refund claims must be formatted correctly, be accompanied by the proof required, and filed timely. In Texas, all refund claims are audited prior to the issuance of credit. Taxpayers should be prepared for the generation of an audit of all operations.

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Sales & Use Tax Compliance

Taxpayers have questions about whether they should collect or pay sales or use tax on services they sell or purchase. Taxpayers who have changed their business structure or location, are participating in material sales or purchases, are part of an industry for which tax rules have changed, or have not undergone a review for sales and use tax compliance for a number of years benefit from engaging in a review.

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Unclaimed Property Review

It is very important to look at this area when considering the purchase of a business. Unclaimed property is a potential liability that is not always addressed by businesses. The statute of limitations can exceed 10 years. Amounts due can be material. Liabilities in this area are directly proportional to the level at which business partners fail to claim payment for goods and services.

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We offer classes to train staff on current state tax responsibilities.

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Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, PC is a CPA firm that works in the state tax arena.

Barbara Thomas, CPA

Barbara Thomas, CPA

President and Founder

Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, P.C.’s founder, Barbara J. Thomas passed away November 23, 2014. The firm wishes to thank all of its clients and friends for their best wishes and condolences.

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Mary Thomas, Attorney-CPA

Mary Thomas, Attorney-CPA

Vice President of Business Development

Mary Thomas is a certified public accountant and attorney whose experiences in both the accounting and legal fields bring added value to clients.

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Stephanie Thomas, CPA

Stephanie Thomas, CPA

Vice President

Stephanie Thomas is a certified public accountant whose career focus has been exclusively on state and local tax issues.

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Advocating for and educating our clients. We learn our client’s unique business practices and teach clients how to comply with applicable state tax rules.

Sales & Use Tax

Every transaction has sales or use tax ramifications. We help determine if transactions are taxable and ensure clients properly document why tax is not due or remit any tax due to the state taxing authority in a timely fashion.

Gross Receipts Tax

Some states tax the gross revenue of the seller. We help clients determine if they are operating in state the levies a gross receipts tax and must register to remit tax, understand how to calculate amounts due, and comply with applicable deadlines.

Unclaimed Property Laws

Many states have laws that dictate if a company owes a third party money or property and contact with the person or entity ceases for a defined period of time the items must be reported and given to the state. Some companies incorrectly take these liabilities into income. We help companies come into compliance with applicable law and maintain compliance.

Interface with state tax authorities

It is common for companies to outsource the handling of a state tax audit to minimize disruption to staff and have the auditor deal with one person who knows what is required to conduct the audit. We communicate with auditors to make sure they fully understand client businesses and correctly apply state sales and use tax rules and policies when conducting the state audit.

Minimize state tax expense

It is common for companies to outsource the handling of a state tax audit to minimize disruption to staff and have the auditor deal with one person who knows what is required to conduct the audit. We communicate with auditors to make sure they fully understand client businesses and correctly apply state sales and use tax rules and policies when conducting the state audit.

Train client personnel

It is imperative that staff know state tax rules to avoid the levy of a material state tax deficiency (with penalty and interest) if there is a state tax audit. We work with staff to make ensure transactions are properly documented to prove state tax compliance and proof of compliance is maintained.


We work to make our clients comfortable when addressing state tax issues.

“If you want personal service from experts that are going to get your work done quickly, efficiently, and accurately, don’t even talk to anybody else. Just go to Thomas, Thomas & Thomas.

Rick Van Pelt

There are many firms out there that charge a lot of money and the bottom line is you want to make sure you get the service that you paid for. I would basically state that you get more than what you pay for with them.

Mike Benson

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