Sales Tax Audit Whitepaper

10 Costly Mistakes of a Sales Tax Audit:  How to Survive Your Review

When taxpayers receive the notice of routine audit there are three responses (1) panic, (2) non-responsiveness, or (3) careful planning.  There are many effective ways to handle an audit.  But there are also many ways to ensure that an audit is an unpleasant, costly experience. 

ebook-10-costly-mistakes.pngWith this ebook you’ll learn how to survive your review by knowing what behaviors can be very costly.

Taxpayers address state sales and use tax audits in a myriad of ways.  No one approach is best for everyone.  But there are universal errors to avoid. 

Approach an audit professionally and courteously with the understanding that everyone has a function in the process, including you.  Stay away from the completely avoidable costly mistakes listed here.  Good luck!

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