Show me the money! Say your price LOUD and PROUD!!!

Posted by Mary Thomas on Apr 5, 2018 11:16:24 AM

show-me-the-moneyPeople talk about clients that don’t want to pay them. The client pays too slow or raises a stink about the bill. There are several ways to deal with it. I find that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When people call, I tell them my prices up front. When I estimate how much time a project is going to take, I make a reasonable guess based on past jobs and then multiply the estimate by two and provide a range of prices.

If I can’t provide a price range, I sell a few hours. I have the client agree that I will limit myself to a few hours and either finish the job or give them an estimate of how much it will cost to finish the job.

I like to know if I can afford a service before I get a bill. I find that most people work that way. So I manage the cost expectations.

Do some people go away? Yes, they do. And I am grateful that they do elect to go to someone else because I can spend by time servicing someone who is actually going to pay me. I would rather take a nap than work for free. You are working for free if the person doesn’t ultimately pay.

Do some people stay? Yes. I can honestly say I enjoy my clients. They participate fully in the process and value my work. They take my phone calls. They want to do the right thing. And they pay me!

Those are the qualities that we wanted in our clients. One big step in that direction was learning to say our prices LOUD and PROUD.

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