The Sales Tax Sisters Channel: You don't have nexus...Do you care if something is taxable?

In the 3rd video in our Nexus series, learn why asking the question “is my product taxable?” is the wrong place to start when addressing sales and use tax.  


The Sales Tax Sisters Channel: Why understanding nexus is important

Don't get left holding the bag!  Find out how nexus impacts your business.  Watch our second video on this important topic here


The Sales Tax Sisters Channel: Physical Nexus & Economic Nexus

Find out about sales tax nexus, physical nexus, and economic nexus.  It matters! Click here.


The Sales Tax Sisters Channel: 2021 Video Topics

Find out about sales tax topics planned for 2021.  Happy New Year! Click here.


The Sales Tax Sisters Channel: Freight and Sales Tax Nexus

It's that time of year again...time to think about registering to collect sales or use tax if you are a remote seller.  If you are making plans for a physical expansion, don't forget nexus. We explain more in our latest video.


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