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Sales Tax Compliance Spot Check 

Stay in compliance with state tax laws


Have you been hit with sales tax penalties and interest associated with the inadvertent failure to remit all sales tax collected?  Are you concerned that you may not be remitting all the sales tax collected?  

Sales tax collected that is not paid to the state is FRAUD.
You will be subject to enhanced penalties.
Don’t let this happen to you!

We can help. Thomas, Thomas & Thomas P.C.  takes a sampling of your sales and use tax documentation to determine if you are compliant and on-track.  We provide a “report card” notifying you if taxes are being remitted properly and identifying what risks you may face.

When do you need a Sales Tax Compliance Spot Check?

The service is useful before you receive a notice of routine audit. The Sales Tax Compliance Spot Check is right for you if you have:

  • Accounting system conversions
  • Change in staff
  • Expansion into a new line of business 
  • Sales tax calculations occuring outside of the accounting system
  • Previous sales and use tax audit deficiency assessements

What does it cost?

A look-back period of one month costs $300. If issues are identified, a complete sales tax compliance review is recommended to avoid fines and penalties.

The Fine Print:

The service is not an audit service. We do not make any representation about the accuracy of the application of the sales tax law. We cannot attest that you are charging sales tax on the appropriate transactions, that the rate of tax is correct, or that the tax is being remitted to the appropriate jurisdiction.

The service is designed to ensure that all sales tax collected is remitted to the state taxing authority.  Additional work may be necessary to determine compliance in other areas such as (1) the correct levy of sales tax on transactions, (2) the correct rate of sales tax, (3) the accrual and remittance of use tax, (4) the necessity to register to collect sales tax in a jurisdiction (nexus), (5) the effectiveness of documenting exempt sales, etc.

Need a Sales Tax Spot Check?