Nexus Whitepaper

Nexus and What it Means For You

salestaxnexus_image_tweakedAre you wondering if you need to register your business with tax authorities in different states?  If you need to register, in what states and with whom? 

This guide provides a framework to help you figure it out. The narrative talks you through various issues and includes links to tax authorities in all 50 states.   Rules vary by state. 

Common questions that are asked:

  • Do I need to register to do business in a locale?

  • If so, with whom do I register?

  • Why do I need to register?

  • What do I need to register for?

  • What happens if I fail to register?

  • What does registration mean?

The answers depend on your activity in the state.  If you don’t register, the error can cost money and be an annoyance for years to come.

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