Sales and Use Tax Library

Build your understanding of state sales and use tax concepts with our complementary ebooks and white papers.  Each provides you with an in‐depth look into one facet of state tax compliance and suggestions for how to achieve and maintain compliance with applicable tax rules.  The ebook “library” is designed to simplify state tax concepts in a manner that makes them interesting and easy to understand.

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10 Costly Mistakes of a Sales Tax Audit:  How to Survive Your Review White Paper

Taxpayers can become overwhelmed at the thought of an audit and make mistakes that cost both time and money.  We compiled a list of the most common mistakes taxpayers make when participating in audits conducted by state tax authorities.   Some mistakes are more costly than others but they are all avoidable.   Make sure you don't throw money away.  Avoid these common mistakes.

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Sales Tax Construction Conundrum White Paper

It is easy to feel lost when trying to discern how each state taxes construction.    All states do not tax construction in the same manner.  We analyzed the most costly areas of state sales and use tax for contractors and their customers during state tax audits.  This handbook helps contractors and owners understand basic definitions and the rudiments of how construction projects are taxed.

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Working Across State Lines: A Guide to Tax Nexus (updated)

No one wants to get an unexpected tax bill, but every state has different rules on when taxes are owed and to whom they should be paid. If you do work or have employees in other states, this guide will help you cover all your bases. It includes links to tax authorities in all 50 states to help you determine if you have a tax nexus. 

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