Why Us?

Why Thomas, Thomas & Thomas PC?

We LOVE this question.  We are NOT everyone’s cup of tea.

We may be a fit if you:

  • Value individualized service
  • Clearly communicate your needs
  • Value honesty
  • Want to learn
  • Are responsive
  • Are collaborative
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Read ALL memos and responses sent to you
  • Ask questions
  • Actively listen
  • Pay invoices on time

We are NOT a fit if you:

  • Are price-driven (It is not our goal to be the cheapest provider)
  • Do not read ALL of the memos and responses sent to you
  • Do not value individualized service
  • Do not actively listen
  • Are not interested in learning
  • Do not ask questions
  • Are not responsive
  • You do not clearly communicate information or your needs
  • Do not pay or do not have the ability to pay for services
  • Want a large firm

We are a small CPA firm.  We like being a small firm and have no desire to grow.  The firm is comprised of two Texas certified public accountants and one attorney, licensed in the state of Texas.  Every client matter is handled by at least one professional, if not two, with close to twenty years of experience in state and local tax matters.  We are proud to know each of our clients. We are determined to give our clients the help they need to understand their state tax responsibilities.

We like to do the work.  We do not entertain drama.  We do not hide the ball. If you want to learn and have fun doing it with people who have no agenda other than helping you, you may just be a good fit.  We would love to work with you.

Are We A Good Fit ?